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A week in the Périgord - Truffle markets and festivals, medieval towns and sublime historic castles niched on the banks of the Dorgogne river!

I LOVE Sarlat! Not only because it is one of the most beautiful medieval towns in France, but also because this is where my father was born and all my ancestors are from. How fun was it to go back to my Perigourdine roots and travel back in time for one week.
Sarlat market is known worldwide by food lovers and connoisseurs. Depending on the season, the market offers unique delicacies such as foie gras, cèpes, magrets de canard (duck breasts), confits (conserves of duck or goose), walnuts, strawberries, succulent peaches and countless of other delicious local products. No diet here!  All year long, visitors from every single corner of the planet are attracted by this cheerful atmosphere where gastronomy is queen!
And then, there is the truffle market!! Le "clou du marché" or "La crème de la crème", as we say in our French slang. Truffles are sorted, classified by experts (extra, premier choix, second choix), weighted, priced, displayed and sold a eager crowd within minutes to! People talk, share secrets and stories, deals are made... there is never enough of the so coveted tuber melanosporum, not one bit is left!
The truffle harvest season is inherent to the local culture and the annual truffle festival takes place in Sarlat the 3rd week-end of January.
But the beauty of Périgord does not stop at Sarlat, of course! Beynac - et - Cazenac, Rocamadour, Brantôme, La Roque Gajeac, etc...are as magnificent and offer to the eyes and the senses an unforgettable souvenir :)



Sarlat Market
Duck with Foie, chickens from the farm and mushrooms        


Sound on! The Cathedrale's bell


Sarlat Seminary and its surroundings





Campagnac-les-Quercy, its truffle market and folklorique dances



Sound On!


La Roque Gajeac








I also visited the fabulous Caviar de Neuvic Estate located on the banks of the Isle, the pioneer river for sturgeon breeding in France.




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