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When Christine from Fresh Local and Best blog received her fresh Black winter truffle, she lifted the nugget from the paper bag, held it up to her nose, and inhaled. Ahhhh!  Intense aromas of dark chocolate, red wine, and accents of hazelnut with a hint of Parmesan reggiano that instantly saturated her olfactory senses! 
Today she is sharing with us her Truffled scrambled eggs recipe.


Truffled scrambled eggs



- 1-2 oz Black winter truffle
- 4 XL eggs
- Salt
- Bread of your choice
- Butter
- Chopped chives

    How to:

    1. Create a bain marie or a double boiler on medium heat. As the water is heating in a large pot, mince half of the small truffle, which weighed roughly an ounce.

    2. Add the extra large eggs to the pan, place the pan onto the larger pot of hot steaming water, and start stirring.

    3. Stir with a whisk for ten minutes, season with salt along the way.

    4. After ten minutes, the soft scrambled eggs come together in a soft, cloudy consistency.

    5. Top the eggs on a piece of bread toasted in butter, sprinkle chopped chives and coarse sea salt.

    Eat and Enjoy :) !


      Truffles scrambled eggs

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