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Challenge of the day for our dear friend Lori at Taste with the Eyes; how to sell one of America’s most-disliked vegetables to 11 & 13-year-old boys? Answer just below with this Brussels, Bacon and Balsamic Vinegar!

Balsamic Vinegar - Brussel sprout and bacon


- Brussel sprouts
- Olive oil
- Salt
- Fresh ground pepper
- Bacon shards
- Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

How To

1. Trim Brussels sprouts, then cut in half vertically.

2. Toss with olive oil, salt, and fresh ground pepper.

3. Place cut side down on a rimmed baking sheet and roast at 400°F until tender, about 25-30 minutes, taking care not to overcook.

4. Place roasted Brussels sprouts  in a serving bowl, season with a bit more salt and pepper, add plenty of bacon shards

5. Then drizzle with aged balsamic vinegar.

 Salad bowl - Brussel sprouts and bacon


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