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New York's Premier Truffle Dealer

“Truffles didn’t come to me by chance!
But what came to me before anything else was my love for genuine things.
My fondest childhood memories are of cooking with ma famille and of sharing
stories and laughs around the table."
Celine Labaune, Founder of Gourmet Attitude Truffles
"It's true that truffles had always been part of my world.
My grandparents had a beautiful house in the heart of the Périgord Noir,
surrounded by trees that truffles grew under.
Both my dog and I felt absolutely euphoric whenever
we unearthed a truffle on our daily walks."
Celine Labaune and Chef Tim Otium in Southern France
"After spending a few years in New York,
I developed a desire to pass on what had been taught to me as a child.
Et voilà, Gourmet Attitude was born.
What better way to satisfy my passion than with the flagship product
of the land of my childhood?
At Gourmet Attitude, we wish to share not only a beautiful product
but also our culture and our gastronomic heritage.
What motivates me more than anything is providing the best products
to all my chefs throughout the year, from season to season."
Celine Labaune with Fresh White truffles, NYC

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