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White Truffle Oil Potato Bite


- Potatoes
- Sour cream 
- White Truffle Oil
- Sea salt
- Ground pepper
- Chive blossoms


Today we are happy to present you a new recipe from Taste with the Eyes blog. A tasty and fancy small potato bites recipe!

- Choose blossoms that are certain to be edible, grown without pesticides, and only eat flowers in moderation. 

- Smash cooked potatoes to break open the skins. 

- Drizzle with white truffle oil then top with a squirt of sour cream. 

- Season with sea salt and fresh ground pepper. 

- Garnish with chive blossoms.

- The truffle oil lends the intense perfume of white truffles – earthy, sensuous, garlicky. And the chive blossoms sure are pretty with that lovely lavender hue, but don’t discount the full onion flavor they add to the potatoes… these petite bites are packed with savory flavor. 

Enjoy :) !

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