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Storing Truffles

How to preserve Truffles

Preserving up to five days

Some of your truffles will arrive with some condensation. This is normal and occurs when the truffle releases some of its moisture, which becomes trapped by its wrapping. The wrapping is composed of paper which aids in keeping the truffle fresh and prevents it from drying out during transport. 

Once you receive your shipment, gently wrap the truffle in an absorbent paper and store in a dry and sealed container in the crisper compartment of the refrigerator (bottom drawer). The paper should be changed daily, and the container must be kept dry. Remove the truffle from the fridge, clean/brush it properly under a thin stream of water and enjoy it right away! Do not store truffles in rice. This will dry them out!  

Preserve up to two weeks

Thoroughly rinse the truffles under a steady stream of water. Clean with a soft brush (a toothbrush is perfect). Allow to dry. Place in a shallow container and fill it with sunflower or peanut oil. Cover them completely. This oil will be truffle flavored and may be used for cooking!

Keeping for several months, a few options

Freezing the truffles

Wash and brush the truffles as described above, allow to dry, wrap in aluminium foil or in vacuumed plastic bag and store in freezer. When it is cooking time, thinly slice the frozen truffles. This way they will retain their natural juice and their full aroma.

Preserving in alcohol

Wash and brush the truffles as described above, allow to dry, place in a jar and cover completely with cognac. However, keep in mind that cognac might overwhelm the truffles’ natural flavor.

Preserving by sterilization

Place the washed and brushed truffles in a small jar. Add a little salt and a teaspoon of water for every 50 grams of truffle. Seal the jar airtight. Sterilize at boiling temperature (100°C or 212ºF) as follows:

- 2 hours for less than 40 grams (1.5 oz)

- 3 hours from 40 to 100 grams (1.5 to 4 oz)

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