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Truffles are one of the most decadent foods in the world. They are incredibly difficult to find as well as highly sought-after, so much so that chefs around the world covet them for their powerful earthy flavor that adds luxury to any dish.

Unable to simply farm them, truffles must be hunted for by well-trained hunters, with the help of their trusty hounds, in wooded areas in France, Italy, and Spain; thought the specific areas are kept secret and fiercely guarded.

Both beautiful and delicious, truffles can be cooked into a risotto, shaved on top of a simple dish of pasta, or even used to elevate scrambled eggs.

Tuber Melanosporum Vittadini

Black Winter Truffle

The Tuber Melanosporum, better known as the black winter truffle, is reputed throughout the world. More or less round in shape, the outer skin is black and brown in color and is covered in pyramidic projections.
The inside is a beautiful black with a hint of purple with distinctive white veins. This truffle owes its fame to the complexity of its flavor, the perfume may range from wet mushroom, humus, hazelnut, chocolate, and strawberry to alcohol.
The ripening period is from December to March in France, Italy, Spain and from June to August in Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania.

Tuber Magnatum Pico

White Truffle (Alba)

The Tuber Magnatum Pico, also known as the white truffle of Alba, is native to northern Italy and has never been cultivated in truffle fields, it grows in the wild. The rarity and exceptional flavor of this truffle explains its high value. It is distinguished from other truffle species by its smooth envelope and its light ochre color with pinkish shades. Its flesh with thin white marbling varies from white to dark pink to brown, depending on the tree with which it grows in symbiosis. Its alliaceous perfume is particularly powerful and bewitching. This truffle is in season from September to December in Italy. November is the biggest “harvest” month. It is the undisputed queen!

Tuber Uncinatum Chatin

Burgundy Truffle

The Tuber Uncinatum Chatin, also known as Burgundy truffle, has a black skin made up of small, flattened in pyramidic projections. The flesh is dark brown, branched with white veins. Its perfume is characterized by a delicate mixture of undergrowth and hazelnut. They are in season from September to January in France, Italy and Spain.

Tuber Aestivum

Black Summer Truffle

The Tuber Aestivum, also called summer truffle or Saint Jean truffle, has a black envelope with well-marked asperities (diamonds). Its flesh is beige/ochre in color with a network of fine white marbling. Light and fleeting, its aromas remind us of mushrooms and damp earth with a delicate hazelnut taste. They are in season from May to September in France, Italy and Spain.

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