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New York City was good enough to Céline that she could earn a degree in business and start a family. Along the way she has constantly worked in the fine food industry, branching out on her own to form Gourmet Attitude to indulge and further her passion for truffles.

Gourmet Attitude, importer of truffles, opened its doors in Manhattan in April 2003. Céline Labaune, who emigrated to the United States from her native south of France in 1995, is the founder of the company.

Over the years, she has greatly enjoyed sharing with the American gourmet market her interest in this delicacy and the mystery and legends surrounding it. George Sand’s “Pomme Féerique” is one of her favorites, and she recommends it to all who share her romance with the “fruit of the earth”.

At Gourmet Attitude our number one priority is quality. Céline Labaune, the owner and founder of Gourmet Attitude, sources all the truffles from truffle partners she has meticulously selected throughout the years, with whom she has a long standing relationship.

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