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Cloche & Truffle

A match made in heaven!

A spectacular container for a spectacular Truffle: this “Cloche & Truffle” bundle is the perfect gift and will guarantee a “wow” effect. In collaboration with REVOL Porcelain, this bundle contains one Cloche with its Mealplack support, and either White Truffles or Black Winter Truffles (1oz or 1.5oz).

The top part of this stunning  “Cloche” is glass made. The bottom part of the container is made of nacryl, a material patented by Mealplack from REVOL Porcelain. The nacryl material is food friendly, non-porous, dishwasher safe and freezer safe. It also maintains temperature which makes it ideal for truffle preservation. The Mealplak products captures the light in a remarkable way, which makes the truffle shine like no other. 100% of Mealplak items are manufactured with passion and pride in the Revol factory located in the Drome region,  France. Each piece is hand finished and hand polished. REVOL Porcelain is a family owned business that has developed a very unique expertise in manufacturing culinary porcelain, since 1768. Discover their products on their website

Truffles are one of the most decadent foods in the world. They are incredibly difficult to find as well as highly sought-after, so much so that chefs around the world covet them for their powerful earthy flavor that adds luxury to any dish. Unable to simply farm them, truffles must be hunted for by well-trained hunters, with the help of their trusty hounds, in wooded areas in France and Italy; however the specific areas are kept secret and fiercely guarded. Both beautiful and delicious, truffles can be cooked into a risotto, shaved on top of a simple dish of pasta, or even used to elevate scrambled eggs. In truffle season, we receiveeach week several shipments of fresh truffles directly from our growers in France and Italy. Our truffles are always fresh! 

Please allow 1 to 3 business days to ship fresh truffles. 

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