How do I store my fresh truffle?
Once you receive your shipment, gently wrap the truffle in an absorbent paper and store in a dry and sealed container in the crisper compartment of the refrigerator (bottom drawer). The paper should be changed daily, and the container must be kept dry. Remove the truffle from the fridge, clean/brush it properly under a thin stream of water and enjoy it right away! Do not store truffles in rice. This will dry them out! 

Truffles have a very strong aroma, which will quickly be absorbed by any other food in the refrigerator, so it is important to store them in their own container. Alternatively, you can add eggs or butter in the container, which will result in truffle eggs and truffle butter!

How long will be my fresh truffle good for?
For the best aroma and flavor experience, do not wait to enjoy your truffles. When properly stored in the fridge, fresh truffles only have a shelf-life of about 5 days.


How to cook and enjoy my truffle?
Foods that capture the aroma of truffles (whether they are black or white) are eggs, potatoes, rice, pasta and cream. Garlic, onion, chives, leek, celery, and parmesan cheese also enhance the flavor of truffles. Chefs also often pair truffles with scallops, crayfish, foie gras, poultry and asparagus. The addition of truffles can turn a basic dish into a gastronomic delight. White truffles have to be served raw: sliced or shaved on top of your dishes. The heat of your cooked dish is just enough to release the aroma of the truffles, enhancing their natural pungency.

Can I freeze my fresh truffle?
Of course you can! First, wash and brush the truffle properly under a thin stream of water, allow to dry, wrap in aluminium foil or in vacuumed plastic bag and store in freezer.
When you are ready to enjoy your frozen truffle, remove from the freezer, thaw until it is about 80% still frozen, then slice. Do not let your truffle thaw more than 80%, otherwise it will become too soft and hard to slice. 

Wrap any frozen and unused truffles in plastic wrap or aluminum foil and place back in the freezer. Once thawed, Truffles should be eaten within 48 hours.



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