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Truffle Hunting

Truffle hunting using the dog method


The truffle hunt is more complicated than you can imagine. Even if the truffle emits a strong perfume, it is very difficult (quite impossible) for humans to detect it. Here are the three different methods to find a truffle:


Dog method


The truffle search is difficult because there is no scientific way to find them. Men need to rely on their dog's’ natural olfactory talent. The dog explores the surface of the ground with its nose. Suddenly it smells a ripe and perfumed truffle. The dog marks the area with its paw and the truffle hunter digs out the truffle very cautiously with a little hoe. The dog is rewarded with a very special treat: a truffle flavored biscuit!






The black truffle mycelium burns a parcel of land around the base of the host tree (generally an oak or hazelnut tree). The fact that vegetation is missing at the bottom of a tree usually means that truffles are  underneath the surface of the ground. This is called the “brulé” method.



It is also possible to find truffles by following flies. Some of them lay their eggs over truffle-growing area. Our advice, be patient and observe carefully!


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