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Black Truffle Set

Tuber Melanosporum Vittadini

combination of fresh black winter truffles and 3.6 oz (100g) of artisanal black truffle butter. Our black truffles come from Provence, France while our butter is from a specialty creamery in Vermont. Our truffle butter is made by our Chefs with love for you!  In season, we receive several shipments of truffles every week, straight from our grower. Our truffles are always fresh! 

Tuber Melanosporum, better known as the black winter truffle, is reputed throughout the world. More or less round in shape, the outer skin of black winter truffles is black and is covered in diamond shaped pyramids.  The inside is a beautiful black with a hint of purple with distinctive white marbling. The black winter truffle owes its fame to the complexity of its flavor. The perfume may range from wet mushroom, hazelnut, chocolate to alcohol. Black winter truffles are available and in season from December to March (Northern Hemisphere) and from June to August (Southern Hemisphere). 

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